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Kitchen Installation Cost Guide Kitchen Installation Charges
Kitchen Fitting Costs & Charges Kitchen Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Bathroom Installation Cost Guide Bathroom Installation Charges
Bathroom Fitting Costs & Charges Bathroom Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Bedroom Installation Cost Guide Bedroom Installation Charges
Bedroom Fitting Costs & Charges Bedroom Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Conservatory Installation Cost Guide Conservatory Installation Charges
Conservatory Fitting Costs & Charges Conservatory Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Window Installation Cost Guide Window Installation Charges
Window Fitting Costs & Charges Window Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Door Installation Cost Guide Door Installation Charges
Door Fitting Costs & Charges Door Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Building Installation Cost Guide Building Installation Charges
Building Installation Costs & Charges Building Charges Costs & Price Guide
Carpentry Installation Cost Guide Carpentry Installation Charges
Carpentry Fitting Costs & Charges Carpentry Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Plumbing Installation Cost Guide Plumbing Installation Charges
Plumbing Fitting Costs & Charges Plumbing Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Electrical Installation Cost Guide Electrical Installation Charges
Electrical Fitting Costs & Charges Electrical Fitting Costs & Price Guide
Painting & Decorating Cost Guide Painting & Decorating Charges
Painting & Decorating Costs & Charges Painting & Decorating Costs & Price Guide

Home Improvement Installation Costs & Price Guides

Check your Price's free Fitting charges guide, installation cost calculators and building renovations charges guide's help you estimate both typical labour only costs for all types of home improvement installations, renovations and repairs as well as the overall costing for complete refurbishment projects & building renovations for home owners, home improvement tradesmen and companies and builders.

How to Estimate Installation Costs & Charges

Check your Price's free Installation costs and charges guides help you calculate typical labour charges for your home improvement and building projects. Simply add all the costs of each individual task, or step for each project to obtain a typical labour costing.

We are constantly working hard to provide you with free up-to-date accurate information on this free to use web site, but where our data is limited we cannot guarantee the accuracy of displayed results.

Avoid Over Charging & Being Over Charged

We regularly monitor building renovation costs and prices charged by builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, decorators and other home improvement companies. We compile the results and update our estimating formulas with the average cost and charges of labour for installation, repairs and renovations

Assisting Consumers, Quality Tradesmen & Companies

Our cost and price guides help provide you with detailed costing formulas and pricing information required to achieve realistic and fairly priced estimates for all types of good quality home improvement, installation, repairs and renovations. Our guides are used by home owners, letting agents, general builders, tradesmen and companies large and small to assist and check for accurate costings.

Fair Prices and Quality Workmanship

Building costs, installation and fitting prices can vary depending on your project; therefore it is important to obtain a written estimate or quotation prior to commencement of any works. It is not always possible to predict the exact cost for all home improvement installations, and a contingency fund should be set aside to cover the building costs of any addition expenses.

We constantly monitor prices of quality tradesmen and companies in the, building, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting and decorating sectors, to establish average prices charged for building projects, general home improvements, and repairs.

Price Guides & Project Costings

Our price check costing formulas are published in the following categories You will find average installation costs under each home improvement category which will give you a guide for typical building costs and prices for your installation project.  

Approved Tradesmen & General Building Companies

You will find quality approved tradesmen for your home improvement & building projects listed under the following categories your area:
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Builders
  • Kitchen Fitters
  • Bathroom Installers
  • Bedroom
  • Designers


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